Hi, my name is Matthias Waßer! I am a guitar player, teacher,
producer, and overall music enthusiast from Germany! I try to
inspire people from all over the world with my YouTube videos
and live in concerts

If you want to know more about me, check out:
Magic acoustic Guitars

Handmade acoustic and electric guitar music.
Thanks for watching my channel!

For SKYPE lessons contact me:

Mobil und WhatsApp: 01520-1902934

“Most creative and experimental guitarist on Youtube ! ! !” Video

After watching many of your videos, I can swear you are the best guitarist in this world. I have watched Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, BB King, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Emanuel, Eric Clapton playing live on stage from crowd, and I can say you are better than all of them. You can play everything, classical, flamenco, blues, jazz, shredding, acoustic, and your improvisation makes me like I am in heaven. I would sell my soul to devil just to play like you, you are GUITAR GOD. Video

“You are officially the most awesome guitarist I have ever heard, after Joe Bonamassa. But I sincerely mean it, you are so awesome !!” Video

“That was an absolute pleasure. Perfect guitar and color I might add….it just worked so well. What a phenomenal player. It was like Jeff Beck, Brad Paisley, and Al DiMeola had a musical child and it hatched into you playing this video. To say the least, I'm sold on the deluxe reverb! If possible, keep us posted on a version where you crank the amp just to demonstrate shortly the dynamics of the naturally overdriven sound from this low wattage amp.” Video

“I gotta be honest with you… you are the best guitarist I've seen in a very long time and I hope I can see you play live some where… some how:)” Video

“One of the best guitarists on YouTube!Thanks for sharing.” Video

“You always have so much energy when you play. That's such an admirable thing to have. Great playing.” Video

“wow. your playing is the greatest ive seen on youtube.
your gear is the wildest. a complete guitar player you are.
love it all!” Seite

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