Hier ein Auszug von ein paar Kommentaren, die so mancher Betrachter meiner Videos auf youtube und Hörer meiner Musik geschrieben hat:

“After watching many of your videos, I can swear you are the best guitarist in this world. I have watched Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, BB King, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tommy Emanuel, Eric Clapton playing live on stage from crowd, and I can say you are better than all of them. You can play everything, classical, flamenco, blues, jazz, shredding, acoustic, and your improvisation makes me like I am in heaven. I would sell my soul to devil just to play like you, you are GUITAR GOD.” Video

“Most creative and experimental guitarist on Youtube ! ! !” Video

“perfect guitar, amazing look, amazing tone
perfect playing
unbelievable feeling
you simply translated your soul to notes in this guitar
listening to that was really pleasant
congratulations, man!” Video

“You are officially the most awesome guitarist I have ever heard, after Joe Bonamassa. But I sincerely mean it, you are so awesome !!” Video

“That was an absolute pleasure. Perfect guitar and color I might add….it just worked so well. What a phenomenal player. It was like Jeff Beck, Brad Paisley, and Al DiMeola had a musical child and it hatched into you playing this video. To say the least, I'm sold on the deluxe reverb! If possible, keep us posted on a version where you crank the amp just to demonstrate shortly the dynamics of the naturally overdriven sound from this low wattage amp.” Video

“I gotta be honest with you… you are the best guitarist I've seen in a very long time and I hope I can see you play live some where… some how:)” Video

“Honestly one of the best guitar players of all time….” Video

“One of the best guitarists on YouTube!Thanks for sharing.” Video

“hammer, du spielst echt wahnsinnig gut und verdienst viel mehr abonnenten.
Welchen Verstärker benutzt du eigentlich in deinen Videos und benutzt du ein effektpedal?
ps. die gitarre ist der hammer” Video

“In-effing-shredible!!!! This was a perfect example of being able to shred like a pro, but not relying on it! The slower, and more deliberate the technique, the more soul, and groove came out! Liked…Shared…Subscribed…Loved!!!!!” Video

“You always have so much energy when you play. That's such an admirable thing to have. Great playing.” Video

“it's funny to see such a genius playing and then asking apologize for the mistakes…
I agree with you…i had never heard such a playing…(while i'm found off Jimi Hendrix, SRV…). It seems that he can do all he wants, mixing blues-rock with classic and flamenco…so great !!! What a shame that he isn't really known, so many guitarists would love hear his playing !!!” Video

“I can't believe you have only few thousands exhibitions. You are a great inspiration for me and my family.” Video

“wow. your playing is the greatest ive seen on youtube.
your gear is the wildest. a complete guitar player you are.
love it all!” Seite

“This is absolutelly great!! cheers!!” Video

“i JUST quit playing guitar…thanks for ruining my night…seriously man, that was a great clip!…you have a wonderful feel” Video

“Most Excellent. I would come watch you play, if I were anywhere close.
Where are you?
Are you famous?
Sweet tone & style” Video

“Some of the coolest guitar playing I have heard man!Sweet!” Video

“I think I shall go burn my guitars and amps now…. If i was locked up in solitary confinement for the next 20 years with just my guitars and this video, I couldn't get to this level.” Video

“Awesome man, who else plays like this? It's a very unique style and I wanted some inspiration :) x” Video

“Verdammt guter Gitarrist!
Dass du so viele Styles drauf hast” Video

“that is absolutely amazing. You have such a fantastic feel and ability on the guitar. One of my fav songs too! Thanks!” Video

“Why haven't i heard of you in the TV? Or have i? is that you, Jesus? Have you descended again to show us way of rock?” Video

“God, as soon as you hit that wammy bar man, you bring out the Jeff Beck in you, and I love it, it's always a pleasure to watch your videos!” Video

“Love your playing , everything you put out is so good.
If you ever come to the State I would want to see you play.
Live, laugh and play.
Yeah the blues work on nylon strings too.
Rock on” Video

“Bertha is one of my favourites and what you're doing is sensational.Lee would PROUD!” Video

“hi,ich spiele jetzt seit c.a. 4 Jahren selber Gitarre ,es ist mit das beste was ich in meinem leben habe,alles was ich kann habe ich mir selber bei gebracht und gelernt von Musikern wie dir ,dadurch das ich mir Videos ansehe deine Musik ist eine große Inspiration für mich und ermutigt mich immer wieder weiter zu machen und zu lernen danke dafür” Video

“you are honestly the gnarest acoustic player i've seen, jeez man your vids blow my mind. great work.” Video

“Oh my god, I've never seen anything like it !!! This is soooo amazing !” Video

“Hello Matze… I wish I was there at your performance.. I apologize for not speaking The German language, I'm sure you will understand when I say “Bravo” !!! * Excellent sound! * It looks like you had a great sound set up with the PA system and I was wondering where your performance took place? * anyways, Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed it very much! * Play On Bro!
John aka: TheFiddlah” Video

“Okay sir—- I am seriously impressed. After that I felt like I needed a cigarette even though I don't smoke.” Video

“Dude, you're totally awesome! You're like Gary Moore's twin bro or somethin'! I've never seen anyone do a cover like that before. Cool, dude! Simply cool! Bravo!” Video

“great! simply great! i am absolutely new to the “spanish” way of the guitar, meaning harmoncs, scales etc…. can you recommend any sites where i can get to know the area, or maybe tell me some important scales for improvising like that? thanks man, awesome playing!!” Video

“Amazing! You should really make tabs for this. Best cover I've heard.” Video

“You definitely have a style that's all your own. Incredible. I could listen to it for hours. Justin” Video

“must be Jeff BECK himself … or something !!?such a good fellow in fact !!!”

“versatile playing man.. and nice work with the contrast of colors.
your style of playing is rare, and full of emotion, and smoothness.. Very nice” Video

“are you sure you're not a famous guitarist incognito? You sure sound like one.” Video

“Holly Cow !! What Fine Playing and Tone; Please tell us what you used to get that tone; Was it all from amps and/or pedals, or from effects in the recording, or ?? Thanks” Video

“crap. i wish there's a tab for this one. cuz it's freakin awsome!!no, you're awesome!” Video

“Impressive style! Genius! Wow, I can see the thousands of hours of work you have put into the guitar!” Video

“delightfull!!!! Bravo!!!! exelent playing.i play gipsy jazz (with the selmer style gutars…) and this was a really nice surprise. i will say one more time that your playing was great and free….. but if you played that on a selmer style acoustic it would sound a lot more rich! anyway this was a great vid! thanks for sharing!!!” Video

“I know I've said this before, but it's probably been years: you are easily one of my favorite guitar players on YouTube:) Keep up the great work!” Video

“Outstanding!!!! Many licks that I had never seen before in Gypsy Jazz. Great improvisations!!!” Video

“dein Ton is der hammer und noch dazu sehr gefühlvoll gespielt ;) nur weiter so!!” Video

“Wow, what a killer tone. Fantastic playing!” Video

“ “Magic acoustic Guitars” ———> Hi Matze, fist of all, very appealing video to watch, i appreciate the energy, the passion, the showmanship you 2 guys put into this performance, perfectly synced together in time, every note is stitched so close to the seam, the “Tears in Heaven” rendition is joyful, the gentleman who plays solo guitar is wonderful, her versatility is stunning, i like how you fused all these differant songs in one, you have touched upon many differant styles and moods that will surely please to a wide number in the audience, and WoW you played straight for 57 minutes in duration, quite an acomplishment. I think this is a gem of a video, very well played and very well recorded, there is so much to appreciate in this video, it deserves multiple listens to fully enjoy its musical complexities. Quite a remarkable effort. marcoVideo

“Wow!I've been searching youtube for gear and seen/heard tons of players,you're one of the best in youtube for sure.Artistic playing,I get ispired! (ps I think jvm is the best of Mashalls)”

“You are an awesome improvisator with huge soul…:) Enjoyed” Video

“Hallo Matze,
deine Videos sind seit Jahren immer wieder ein Genuss.
Interessant ist doch, dass egal welche Strat oder Amp du auch spielst, du immer nach dir klingst.
Signature Sound! Video

“Outstanding!!!! Many licks that I had never seen before in Gypsy Jazz. Great improvisations!!!” Video

“Eine Jahrhundert Strat in guten Händen. Hast du das Tremolo schwebend oder aufliegend? Unglaublich wie die knallt.
Deine Videos sind immer ein Genuss.
Alles Gute.” Video

“Habe soebend die Plattensendung erhalten, sehr schnell ein Hoch auf die DHL. Aber natürlich auf Ihre prompte Lieferung. Bin schon wieder begeistert.
Die Musik läuft gerade über eine Sub-Wofer Anlage, man könnt meinen,
Sie Beide sitzen hier auf meiem Sofa. Sagenhaft Gitarre ohne Schnickschnack pur. Ohne Synthesizer oder Hallgenerator und sonst elektronischen Firlefanz. Ich muß jetzt aufhören zu schwärmen den ich muß noch ins PC-Banking und meine Schulden begleichen, sehr preiswert.
Nochmals vielen Dank es grüßt Sie ein neuer Fan” U.S.

“hi, that was amazing, your tone is honestly one of the best ive heard, and not forgetting your amazing playing, takes a lot to entertain with just a guitar on its own, and man u can do it”

“you are amazing. incredibly clean picking, vibrato, and overall dynamic control” Video

“The most unreal tone on youtube. Vintage equipment will do it!” Video

“Your licks are very tasty and the sound pure and simple it's all in the way you play it. Excellent demonstration. A world class performance! Bravo from Montréal.” Video

“That is without a doubt some of the best tone I have heard. Your technique is very interesting. It sounds like you use a slide at times, but it must be your use of the tremelo, vibrato, and bending. Do you use a lot of pre-bends?” Video

“Your tone is INCREDIBLE!!!!!” Video

“Bravo, Bravisimo!!! 5 stars my friend”

“That is a really nice guitar sound. Cleanish and full but able to sing out too. Excellent playing too.”

“Excellent! Nice playing! I like it! 5 stars! “

“damn, one of the best players on youtube.where is your school? xD”

“what the f… you are crazy! Amazing!!!!” Video

“your modes are so solid man! you truly are an amazing guitarist” Video

ESPECTACULAR!!! Excelente sonido”

GREAT, i like your rhumba
555555555+++++++++++++++++” Video

“You know how to make that guitar sing and scream, man. Absolutely fantastic.”

“definitely you are one of the best strat player on youtube..”

“Great job! Awesome tone!”

“wow der ton is umwerfend!!!”

“Alle Achtung -ich sehe mir Deine Videos immer an,wennn ich beim Spielen in eine“Sackgasse“gerate und neue Inspiration brauche-klappt immer!1AA mit Sternchen!Gruß aus Berlin Andreas”

“This guy is the best advertisement Hughes & Ketner or Fender could ask for! Really, they should be paying him.” Video

“Ich bin`s nochmal, Matthias, -
muß gleich nochmal schreiben: Ich dachte du bist einer von vielen richtig guten Gitarristen.
Aber Du bist ja saugut (mit Verlaub)!
Dieser Clip ist Hammmer! Noch nie hab ich eine so überzeugende Fusion aus Latin und Blues gehört…
Gruß, Uli, Michelbach”

“Dude, this is awesome! I have an American Strat, but I would love to have a '65 like that! Job well done- love the Jeff Beck sound!”

“It's nice to finally see somebody use a Stratocaster for something besides neck pickup blooze licks. I hear some Jeff Beck influence there. Nice.”

GREAT! Finally found a guitarist that can actually make music, not a shredder playing scales real fast. Such a breath.”

“jeff beck's dad? lol
really enjoyed the shred bro!! u rock!”

“Jeebus – you got some CHOPS dude!!! That sounded awesome. Your use of the tremolo bar is excellent too – reminds me of Beck at times! EXCELLENT!”

“Wow, great phrasing ! I have a purple stripe Mark III but it never sounded as good as that !”

“Oh my god i'm really impressed of your awesome playing and your awesome tone !!! Thanks for this video :)”

“Fastest Blues Ever. Bad Ass. and nice tone too.”

“king of electric guitar in action…”